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I use my dance background to help you feel strong and graceful!


     In Perfect Balance is the premier Pilates studio in the Antelope Valley. Our mission is to provide quality Pilates instruction, share the good feeling of health and fitness, and to provide a safe and comfortable environment for learning. 

     We accomplish these goals by being made up of quality instructors that are trained well and pursue continuing education to stay current in our field. These instructors model and support healthy lifestyles. In Perfect Balance provides and maintains equipment made by top manufacturers in the industry. Our studio is kept clean and tidy and is staffed by instructors that are friendly and professional. 

     In Perfect Balance is a place where people connect through movement. The performance of this movement is designed to make everyday life easier and more enjoyable. The freedom of this movement is meant to bring confidence, empowerment, and a sense of personal responsibility. 

Hi! Just finished at PT. They said that pilates is the best thing for me and my pain. I haven’t been in pain the last few weeks! He was talking about pulling in or tightening my core (apples) and making sure I’m breathing the whole time. I told him that’s what my pilates instructor told me too lol. I was telling him about the pelvic clock and he said that was great because when my pelvis is tucked under, it neutralizes my spine so that I’m not arching my back or anything. You’re amazing and pilates has really been helping me with my sciatica pain! - Katy H.

Elana is great! Elana and In Perfect Balance have been an invaluable part in assisting me in reaching my goal of a better quality of life.  When I first arrived at In Perfect Balance I was dealing with core/back issues, bad knees and obesity. I found that my definition of fit through the years involved lifting heavy weights and strength training focusing on building larger muscle groups. Pilates (Elana's training sessions) has allowed me to improve my quality of life by focusing on mobility, improved posture, core strength in the abdominals and lower back, and alignment. - Michael M.



Elana Essers



Elana's story begins with years of ballet training that started when she was three years old and continued up through her college years at California State University Long Beach. It was then, that she was introduced to "dance conditioning" by a visiting instructor from New York. Intrigued by this class, Elana found Marie-Jose' Blom of Long Beach Dance Conditioning. In 2001, by the urging of her very supportive husband, Elana entered another training course through The Physical Mind Institute taught by Maria Leone of Bodyline in Beverly Hills. After completing that course, in 2003, In Perfect Balance was born.


Elana continues her education with personal training from some of the countries best instructors and attendance at professional conferences. Her love of movement continues to fuel her enjoyment of Pilates which she shares with her clients. Elana's ballet training informs her drive to help her clients find their own sense of strength and grace through the Pilates exercises.


Every moment of our lives can be the beginning of great things. -Joseph Pilates


Getting Here:

We are a block south of Lancaster Blvd, and a block west of Sierra Hwy. 

Our Address:

532 W. Milling St. 

Lancaster, CA  93534


(661) 729-8585

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